• Scaredy Kate

    Buy it on Amazon – The horrible dog stares at Kate with cold eyes! Her aunt calls it Cookie. Kate calls it a MONSTER. When the monster approaches she makes her escape! Through an elevator adventure packed with REAL monsters, Kate will face her fear and find the courage it takes to make a new friend. – Barrons, Release Date: April 2014, Author/Illustrator, Charcoal and Digital
  • Gesundheit

    An illustration for a children's poem. Runner-up in the 2014 SCBWI Tomie dePaola award! Charcoal, Crayon and Digital
  • Little Bird’s Bad Word

    Little Bird loves new words. Papa just blurted out a word so good that Little Bird has to share it with everyone! Blark! Blark! BLARK! But when a sensitive turtle is upset by this new word, it doesn’t seem so good after all. Can a word be bad? With some help from Papa, Little Bird will find a word that everyone can appreciate. – Recently acquired by Feiwel and Friends, Author/Illustrator, Charcoal and Digital
  • Smart Phone

    I love how people look when they play with their phone on their belly. Crayon and Digital
  • Goat Kart

    A color study for a little goat. Pencil and Digital
  • Bears

    Concept for a new picturebook I've been thinking on. Pencil and Digital
  • Because We are Wild

    Some wild animals for the conservation efforts of Music for Relief.  Charcoal and Digital
  • The Wizard’s New Hat

    The wizard’s birthday party is today! Wanting to impress his friends, he uses a bit of magic to change his old hat into something amazing. As each attempt results in more absurd shapes the wizard becomes increasingly flustered. Just when he’s about to give up his friends arrive with the best hat of all! – (Unpublished), Author/Illustrator, Chalk Pastel and Digital
  • Sidewalk Chalk

    Sidewalk chalk is THE BEST. I recently spent an afternoon helping my niece and nephew decorate the pavement with a menagerie of creatures, and playing with chalk has lost none of its magic. It's a perfect excuse to get outside and let your imagination color the neighborhood. Crayon, Charcoal and Digital
  • Roy!

    Roy's a monster who's hungry for color. As he chomps through an array of vibrant fruits and veggies he not only eats colors but speaks in colors! Once he's stuffed himself to the point of bursting his belly rumbles... and he burps a magnificent rainbow! –  (Unpublished), Author/Illustrator, Acrylic on Panel
  • Kids

    An ongoing series of illustrations exploring various emotions. Digital
  • Cake Castellers

    This Threadless challenge was to create a shirt that celebrates birthdays. 25% of the sale of each tee benefits American Cancer Society, get one here!
  • Bears Love Berries

    Two tee colorways for a Threadless and Gap Kids challenge. Pen and Digital
  • Betrayal

    My winning "Bah-Humbug" design for Busy Beaver Button Co. Charcoal and Digital