• Scaredy Kate

    Buy it on Amazon – The horrible dog stares at Kate with cold eyes! Her aunt calls it Cookie. Kate calls it a MONSTER. When the monster approaches she makes her escape! Through an elevator adventure packed with REAL monsters, Kate will face her fear and find the courage it takes to make a new friend. – Barrons, April 2014, Charcoal and Digital
  • Little Bird’s Bad Word

    Little Bird loves new words. Papa just blurted out a word so good that Little Bird has to share it with everyone! Blark! Blark! BLARK! But when a sensitive turtle is upset by this new word, it doesn’t seem so good after all. Can a word be bad? With some help from Papa, Little Bird will learn a word that everyone can appreciate. – Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), Summer 2015, Charcoal and Digital
  • Cat Knit

    Cat and his new friend Yarn are inseparable. But Girl also wants to play with Yarn. When Cat's friend returns, he finds that Yarn has changed into something itchy, stuffy, and no fun at all. Cat is furious, but he soon discovers this new Yarn is still the same warm friend. – Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), Fall 2016, Charcoal, Crayon and Digital
  • Gesundheit

    An illustration for a children's poem. Runner-up in the 2014 SCBWI Tomie dePaola award! Charcoal, Crayon and Digital
  • Goat and the Petting Zoo

    A new picture book concept about a little goat's search for some personal space. Charcoal, Crayon and Digital
  • Mushroom Medley

    Music for the mouth. India ink, Pencil and Digital
  • Sidewalk Chalk

    A kids tee for Chicago Children's Museum design challenge. The theme was to create a tee that inspires imaginative and creative play. Crayon, Charcoal and Digital
  • Fish Market

    "Whenever the seals were hungry they’d dive into the ocean for a snack, but one curious pup had other ideas." Charcoal, Pencil and Digital
  • Year of the Horse

    Time keeps movin' along. Crayon, Charcoal and Digital
  • Because We are Wild

    Some wild animals for the conservation efforts of Music for Relief.  Charcoal and Digital
  • Grey Days

    "Badger preferred to stay in." Charcoal, Pencil and Digital
  • Hair of the Dog

    A very literal interpretation of the old expression. Charcoal and Digital
  • Cigar Box Serenade

    Charming the savage beast. Charcoal, Pencil and Digital